Monday, December 27, 2010

Endosulfan not to be blamed for disease says Chittor, Kerala MLA , K Achutan

In this video, Honorable MLA, Mr. K Achutan corroborates Voice of Keralam in stating very openly that the reported victims in  Muthalamada district of Kerala, which have been raked up by the media, blaming Endosulfan for the diseases, deaths and deformities are in fact not true and cannot be trusted. Mr. Achutan also voices his concern that pictures and images featured by the media, of poor children, are not correct and are influencing people against Endosulfan. 

Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) K Achuthan, Chittor district, Kerala has stated that the diseases of the children of Muthalamada are thought not to be due to the use of endosulfan and added that much of it is media hype. In this interview he states that what the media is claiming as deaths and disease of victims cannot be attributed to Endosulfan and he will not support it. Endosulfan is being used for decades in India. By showing pictures and images of poor and helpless children which are widely used by the media, is actually influencing people. He also says that the there is a Christian missionary school nearby which has children with deformities, but it does not mean that they are also affected by Endosulfan.  It is a wrong claim by the media and he cannot support it. Mr. Achutan calls for a proper investigation into the matter. 

In our earlier posts, 'Endosulfan ban aimed to destroy India exports' and  'Vested interests demand Endosulfan ban' we had suspected that there is more to this issue than what meets the eye and what is reported in the media about 'Endosulfan victims' in Kerala. 

Is this India's famed fourth estate which is supposed to uphold the highest level of moral authority and ascribe to the highest level of objectivity before reporting on any issue?

After the expose of Nira Radia tapes and 2G telecom controversy, by OPEN Magazine, there seems to be no reason for the Indian polity to place their belief in the Mainstream Media. 

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